Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

The department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery includes surgeries and interventions for treatment of malformations and dysfunctions. In most interventions made with esthetic concerns, the aim is to beautify the body in a healthy manner. In some cases, there may be medical problems aside from esthetics concerns. The organ functions are preserved while the patient is given the desired appearance with corrections of both function and form. While engaging in esthetic interventions in light of the demands of the patients, the Department of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery also finds solutions for health problems such as lesions, surgery scars and prolapses.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck operations rank among the most common body shaping surgeries. It is a surgical intervention that involves the removal of excess skin that forms in abdomen for reasons such as childbirth or rapid weight gain and loss, and the reconstruction of abdominal muscles. With this surgery, you can get rid of the stretch marks below the navel as well as having a flat tummy that defies the passing years.

Breast Reduction 

Breasts that are larger than they should be in proportion to your body can cause problems both with your health and in the society. For example, there might be complaints like shoulder pain, irritated skin especially in summer, chafing, or foul odor. You may have difficulties with mismatch between upper body and lower body, or appearing fatter than you really are by having to wear loose clothing all the time. The solution to all these problems is possible with a breast reduction surgery.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a range of esthetic operations that corrects sagging in face and jowls, breasts, tummy, arms, thighs and buttocks in patients who have lost a lot of weight for any reason.

Breast Lift

Incidents such as pregnancy, nursing, negative effect of gravity, loss of elasticity in the skin due to weight loss can cause sagging, volume loss and deformation in breasts. The breasts can be restored to their former shape with a breast lift operation.

Breast Prosthesis

Breast prosthesis surgeries are done for making a body more proportionate, a more feminine appearance, to increase self esteem and to restore the ideal form of breasts with volume loss.

Prominent Ear

Prominent Ears are a deformity that negatively affects people's self esteem. Prominent Ear surgeries change the appearance of a person by restoring ears to their ideal position. In this case, a person will have more self esteem and their familial and social relationships will be positively affected.


An esthetic operation that increases self esteem that involves the removal of body fat that is accumulated due to wrong feeding habits and sedentary lifestyle and persists even after dieting and exercising efforts. It restores the proportion between the upper body and the lower body, and helps you achieve a shapelier body.


This is the surgery that induces the biggest changes of all esthetic surgeries. This surgery, also known as classic, total or full facelift includes the middle of the face, the bottom of the face and the entire neck. There are a few different methods that can be used in this surgery. The health of the patient, smoking habits, age, sex and the aging rate of the patient's face, skin conditions and the underlying structures of the facial bones all play an important part in the selection of the method for facelift.

Face Shaping Surgery

Your cheekbones may be sunken or too big; with a face shaping surgery, you face shape can be improved according to your needs. Unlike other methods, face shaping surgery focuses on the proportions of the cheekbones, cheeks and the jawline.

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty surgeries are done for treatment of congenital nose deformities as well as deformations that occur later in life. The shape of the nose affects the facial esthetics greatly, so it is important to achieve a natural, healthy appearance with a correct nose analysis.

Arm Tuck

On the arms, skin in the area between the armpits and the elbows may sag. In arm tuck surgeries, the excess tissues causing the sagging skin are removed. The surgery is one in a way that will conceal incisions and preserve the esthetic appearance.

Hip Osteotomy

Hip osteotomy surgeries are done for giving a firmer, rounder appearance to the hips. The surgery is planned with a body analysis of the patient. The excess fat removed in the surgery can be used for lifting the buttocks, or prosthetics can be used for some patients.

Female Genital Surgery

Female genital surgery is a surgical operation that treats deformities and sagging that might occur in the vulva for various reasons.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

In eyelid surgery, a more healthy and esthetic appearance is achieved by the removal of the excess muscles and tissues that cause sagging in upper and lower eyelids.

It is important to obtain healthy results and to give a natural appearance to the patient by surgical interventions. With technological advancements, it is possible to perform surgeries with greater ease, to focus on finer details and to obtain more realistic results.

Treatment Fields

  • Cosmetic Facial Surgery
  • Cosmetic breast surgery
  • Body Contouring

  • Hair Plantation
  • Genital Cosmetic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Medical Treatment
  • Combined Surgeries
  • Post Bariatric Surgery
  • Fat injection

  • Filling
  • H-100 Youth Vaccine
  • Mesotheraphy Applications
  • French Hanger Facelift

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