Prime Ophthalmology Clinic

In our Ophthalmology Clinic, we offer treatment for eye health problems of all patients, be they infants, children, teenagers or adults with the latest technology and methods. Our Optics clinic has enough technical infrastructure with multiple high-tech devices to function as an optic hospital by itself.

Our Technical Equipment

  • Smile Laser (Smile, ReLEx Smile, Lasic, Lasec, PRK, No Touch)
  • Autorefractometer
  • Tonometer
  • Argon Laser
  • YAG laser
  • FFA (Eye Angiography)
  • Corneal Topography
  • Visual field
  • Optic Biometry - Pachymetry
  • Pediatric Autorefractometer 

With the Pediatric Autorefractometer in our optics clinic, we can easily perform eye check-ups on babies and children without making them nervous or uncomfortable. With this device, infants and children do not have to sit for measuring and check-ups, and examination can be performed at a distance, without touching the child. As such, refractory disorders can be easily measured and lazy eye can be easily diagnosed.  

We offer many different services aside from routine eye check-ups, contact lens and glasses application in our Ophthalmology Clinic.

Smile Laser Technology

Smile Laser (ReLEx) method is used for treatment of myopia and astigmatism. Compared to earlier technologies (PRK, Lasic, No Touch), Smile Laser (ReLEx) is more advanced technology, which requires the least intervention on the eye, focusing on patient comfort and making no compromises on patient safety. Patients with very thin corneas and high eyeglasses number can get rid of their eyeglasses and contact lenses in a short time with this method.Smile Lazer

With our Excimer Mel90 laser, we can treat patients that will not benefit from Visumax SMILE Laser (ReLEx) treatment and hypermetropic patients.

All vision disorders are treated in the most efficient and safest ways with the equipment at our hospital.

Cataracts occurs when the natural eye lens behind the pupils loses its transparency. At our clinic,cataracts treatment is done with phacoemulsification (PHACO) devices and surgery microscopes specifically designed for eyes.

WithSmart Lenses (Trifocal - Multifocal) applied in our clinic, our patients can have clear vision at short, middle and long distances. Smart Lenses are also commonly used in cataracts operations.

Retinal Diseases

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Macular Degeneration

Our Clinic also offers a variety of services such as treatments for glaucoma, strabismus, cornea disorders, eyelid esthetics and contact lenses. Our surgery room is prepared with safety and technological measures for supporting successful surgeries, to shorten patient recovery time and for patients comfort.

Treatment Fields

  • General eye exam
  • Cataract
  • Laser (Smile (ReLEx) – Lasic – No Touch) and Smart Lenses (Trifocal – Multifocal)
  • Retinal Diseases
  • Diabetic Eye
  • Eye Pressure (Glaucoma)
  • Strabismus
  • Pediatric Eye Health
  • Eye Aesthetics
  • Corneal Diseases
  • Keratoconus
  • Contact Lens
  • Eye Infection
  • Vitrectomy



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